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Bill began truck pulling in the early 1990’s. He competed in the local
classes for diesel trucks and highway trucks.
In 2004 Bill stepped up with the support of his family and built a Pro
Street Diesel truck and that is when B-Town Motorsports began.
By 2005 he had added a Single Engine Modified and the following
year another Single Engine Modified, Mini Modified Tractor and a
Hot Stock 4x4 Truck.
In 2007 a Two Wheel Drive Super Modified Truck appropriately
names Totally Exhausted made its appearance.  His wife Lori also
began to ice race to keep the tradition live through the winter
In 2010 a new Two Wheel Drive Super Modified truck was unveiled.
Limestone Draggin was built entirely by the B-Town team and has
been very successful.
With the Taz Terror coming out this year that will make three TWD
trucks to hit the track for the upcoming pulling season. Bill and his
boys sure have made this a true family sport.
Bill’s family including wife Lori, children Matt, Luc and Brooke all
help with the motorsports enterprise. Lori, Matt and Luc all share
driving duties and Brooke while too young to drive helps with just
about everything else.
Bill’s sister Lori and husband Paul look after campaigning the Mini
With events all over the province of Ontario and Quebec the B-
Town Motorsports folks make it truly a family affair, attracting fans
from all walks of life.
B-Town Motorsports
Limestone Draggin
Tazmanian Terror
Lil Blue Ox
Friday the 13th