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STONE .... Building Today for a SOLID Tomorrow
Bill receiving an award for saving a     
life at the 2010 Lindsay Exhibition

B-Town was created in 2008 by Bill Sisson and Family. Bill
owns and operates B-Town on a daily basis with his family by
his side.  After owning companies his whole life he decided to
create the B-Town Group, taking major pride in the "
Group ".
Ensuring there is a place here for everybody from his
employees to his family to his customers.

Not only does he own and operate B-Town but also is the
leader of our natural stone sales team. With his decades of
experience marketing natural stone, he has been responsible
for supplying 100's of 1000's of tons of material on an
international scale. He will guarantee you,  you get what you
want for the price you need.  

One of B-Towns strongest beliefs is Customer Service.
Always guaranteeing our customers that we are never farther
then a phone call away. Always striving for your best interests.

The B-Town Group is a Company that takes great pride in the
people that keep it running smooth on a daily basis. From our
truck drivers to our equipment  operators to our office staff,
everyone here at B-Town works together. Never
forgetting  our two main goals
Quality " & " Customer Service "